Tide to Table Restaurants in Delaware Beaches


 Tide-to-Table dining in Delaware Beaches is exceptional

From Rehoboth Beach to Fenwick Island, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants, from chef-owned and operated bistros inventing uniquely appetizing menus to family-owned eateries preparing locally-sourced favorites.

Tide to Table food on the Delaware Beaches

Tide to table food on the Delaware Beaches


What most local restaurants have in common is a focus on local flavors, such as the famous Chesapeake blue crabs available April through December. You’ll see these popular seafood staples prepared different ways from battered and fried to steamed and served with a piping hot bowl of melted butter. Sometimes chefs will use the sweet, succulent chunks of meat from blue crabs to form perfectly shaped crab cakes, often prepared with little filler and topped with spicy remoulade or sweet tartar sauce.

Other seafood favorites found along the Delaware Beaches are deliciously moist rockfish, tasty tautog and flaky and delicate flounder available at different times throughout the year. If you familiarize yourself with the types of seafood available in the region during specific parts of the year, you’ll benefit by getting the freshest, tastiest seafood, and you’ll be benefiting the local harvesters in the area who care about the waterways, thus preserving a tradition and way of life.

Of course there are plenty of options besides seafood at the many restaurants here. Meats are always in season, but there’s a lot more to it than your average beach burgers. Menus boast offerings such as slow roasted pork belly with braised fennel, bacon-wrapped quail stuffed with goat cheese, roasted prime rib and grass-fed burgers topped with foie gras.

If you’re in the mood for a juicy steak, you’ll find many eateries that pride themselves on not just featuring this as an item on their menu. Rather, they make this the item on their menu, taking great care in preparing a tender and flavorful steak cooked just to your liking.

Fresh Shrimp Cocktail Delmarva

Fresh Shrimp Cocktail on the Delmarva Peninsula

Fresh veggies from the many farms on the Delmarva Peninsula are paired with fresh catches, enticing meats and other delectable entrees for a locally sourced meal you’re sure to love. Delaware has two-and-a-half counties on the Peninsula—Kent and Sussex—making up nearly 80% of the state’s land, and fresh veggies can be found here year-round.

Springtime brings favorites such as asparagus, parsnips and different types of leafy, green lettuces. The abundance of summer’s bounty provides juicy tomatoes, red raspberries, sweet peaches and various varieties of squash. Restaurant menus are still filled with local options during the fall and winter with items including pumpkins, winter squash, turnips, leeks, Brussels sprouts and beets. Look for these items prepared any number of creative ways at some of the fabulous restaurants along the Delaware Beaches.

Rehoboth Beach has been attracting loads of media attention, as area restaurants have expanded beyond the typical beach resort establishments to creative and gourmet eateries. You’ll still find the classic mom-and-pop diners, with favorites in beach food, seafood dishes and a unique atmosphere.

Added to the mix are cosmopolitan eateries with fusion cuisine, international restaurants and chef-owned eateries with changing menus using the best of local flavors. The farm-to-table—or in some cases—the tide-to-table movement is taking over the mindset of many area chefs as the need for building community, not to mention, obtaining great tasting food, becomes an obvious factor in owning a restaurant.


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