Family Fun in Delaware Beaches


The Delaware Beaches Offer Family Fun for Everyone!

path to the beach

For some kids, a plastic bucket, shovel and plot of sand are all they need for a day’s worth of entertainment. From swimming to building a sandcastle, shell searching to just plain goofing around, family fun on the beach is what makes a vacation to the Delaware Beaches so memorable.

This oceanfront area of southern Delaware truly has something for everybody. Laze on the sand, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy being together. Don’t forget to bring the four-legged member of the family on vacation. Some areas of the beach are part of a select few in the nation that permit dogs year round to enjoy a leisurely walk on a leash or a thrilling game of catch in the surf. Please be sure to check local regulations.

Beyond the beach, you’ll also find numerous activities to keep the whole family amused, from the five-year-old balls of energy to those hard-to-please teenagers. With all the available options, coming up with something to do is the easy part. Deciding which order to do them in can be tricky, so take turns enjoying all of the activities together as one happy group!

Summertime welcomes a host of water activities, including parasailing, boating adventures, cruises and more. For the active family, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy the bays, inlets and ocean that encircle these beautiful coastal communities. Whether you want to cool off from a hot day in the sun, try to reel in some dinner or just enjoy a leisurely time surrounded by our beautiful blue waters, you’re sure to find an activity the whole family will enjoy.

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Perhaps you’re up for trying a new sport. Kite boarding and wind surfing are two water sports that have grown in popularity and are a blast to begin learning together as a family. Who knows—this newfound sport could become a family tradition, and you’ll enjoy getting better at it year after year.

Wave runners are simply a blast to ride—speed across the water and over waves as the water sprays up behind you. Rent one that can fit the whole family or split up to explore the area. Kids and adults alike will enjoy spotting dolphins in the surf!

Pontoons, jet boats, deck boats, cruisers, skiffs—the possibilities are endless. Just choose your craft and set out on your own voyage in the surrounding waters. Pontoons and deck boats are great for families. Enjoy an afternoon cruising, swimming, snacking and sunning. Or if you’re craving velocity, rent a speedboat or cruiser. Some companies even offer free water skis, tubes and wakeboard rentals, so you can enjoy a full day of water sports.


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