Family Friendly Things to Do in Delaware Beaches

Itineraries for Family Fun in Delaware Beaches

Just as no two places are alike and no two people are alike, it’s also true that no two vacations are alike. Luckily the experiences in this East Coast state aren’t tailored to any one specific type of person or family. The region is so varied that it’s easy to customize your own vacation with activities and excursions that fit your idea of fun. No matter if you’re looking for an enjoyable family getaway, a romantic trip for two or an adventuresome journey filled with outdoor options galore, there’s a vacation itinerary to fit your one-of-a-kind personality.

Lewes Beach

Day 1
All the kids’ necessities are packed, and you’re ready for a vacation. As soon as your troop arrives in Delaware, take everyone down to a water park down at the oceanfront. The kids will love slipping and sliding in the water, and you’ll have a great time relaxing by a pool.

Day 2
Get your family up and out of bed for a sun and fun-filled beach day! The beach is the perfect place to splash in the waves with your family, and best of all—it’s free! Build a sandcastle or two, and after you’ve all washed off the layers of sand, treat everyone to some grub at a beachside restaurant. Delaware is known for its award-winning eateries and delicious gourmet treats.

Day 3
Slip aboard a pirate ship for a swashbuckling good time! Dress in pirate attire, and use your map to discover where sunken treasure might be lying. Don’t forget to practice your “Arrrg” beforehand!

Day 4
Laser tag, bumper cars and tokens make for a full day’s worth of fun! Get thrilled on some awesome amusement park rides with your family, and laugh together as you make some family fun memories.

Day 5
If you want family fun with an exciting edge, try racing one another in some go-karts! Kids love driving cars all on their own, and go-karts are a safe way to let them go wild on the track. After you’ve finished competing, bring everyone down to a Delaware speedway where kids can zoom past you in a safe—and fun—environment.

Day 6
No matter who you are or where you’re visiting from, summer is the season for mini golf! This “mini” sport is great for all ages, giving everyone a competitive edge with fun obstacles and themes.

Day 7
Spend your last day perusing the boardwalk and visiting neat souvenir stores and clothing boutiques complete with unique jewelry, whimsical toys and gifts that will let the kids take a piece of Delaware with them.


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