Carteret Catch Program in Crystal Coast, North Carolina


Learn All About the Carteret Catch Program in Crystal Coast, North Carolina


flounder caught fishing

Caught Flounder

The waters off the Crystal Coast are literally swimming with a wide variety of fish, ready to be reeled in and served up to your liking. Thanks to the Carteret Catch logo, you can be guaranteed to dine on only the freshest of catches!

Look for the “Carteret Catch” logo at area restaurants to guarantee the freshest seafood, straight from Crystal Coast waters. The fishing industry, restaurants and retailers have teamed up to promote the local seafood industry and provide customers with seafood fresh from the local docks.

In a time when more than 80 percent of seafood served in the U.S. is imported, the Carteret Catch program keeps diners informed and satisfied with only the freshest products while helping to preserve the Crystal Coast fishing culture and industry.

• According to the National Fisheries Institute, the average American eats more than 15 pounds of seafood each year, consuming about 4.2 pounds of shrimp.
• Fishing was the first industry in the United States, giving people jobs and lots of food!
• Seafood consumption—along with other risk-lowering steps like quitting smoking, lowering blood cholesterol and exercising regularly—can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

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